Truly Free Range Eggs

Our chickens are not simply turned loose and left to fend for themselves, but are provided with a niche, suited to their biology, so that they can thrive. The hens, as omnivores, are moved from pasture to pasture so that they have constant access to both fresh forage – leaves, seeds, and seedlings – and proteins – the very insects that would otherwise plague our crops and livestock. In this way, our laying flock acts as a mobile, elite pest control unit, insulating us from the need to apply pesticides. Whatever cannot be provided in our pastures is sourced locally as balanced, non-GMO feed to complete a healthy diet.

As protection from predators, we provide our birds with mobile chicken coops that they can quickly go into or under as hawks and coyotes make their rounds. We also surround the entire area with a moveable electrified netting that keeps ground predators out day and night and allows us to quickly and safely move the chickens to the best pasture day after day.  As our flock moves along, it also provides our fields with nutrients, all-natural pest control, and our family and customers with noticeably high quality eggs. You’ll be sure to notice the deep orange color of our yolks, a sign of a well balanced diet and fresh forage.

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