Grass-fed Beef

Nothin’ but Grass!

Meet the Howards

Misty and Travis Howard have a family-owned and operated farm in Roebuck, South Carolina. Through the grace of all that is good, we were able to form a partnership with this beautiful family to provide our customers with top quality, grass-fed Angus Beef. Their cows spend all day, every day, in green pastures eating grass, snoozing in the sun, and just being cows.

The Howards run about 400 cattle on 1,200 acres of prime SC farmland! Misty and Howard have two wonderful children, Letty and Gunnar, to help keep them busy. They are members of the SC Young Farmers and Ranchers as well as active members of the SC Farm Bureau. Travis also served on the board of directors for the SC Cattlemen’s Association! Misty’s father and grandfather owned and operated a cow/calf operation for over 50 years before Travis introduced the idea of having their very own finishing operation! Their goal is to provide a higher quality of beef while being able to cut out the middleman in a cow’s production cycle.

The Howard’s dedicate many, many, many long hours, days, months, and years improving their forages, calving their cows, and raising their stock to provide a superior finished beef product that you, as a consumer, can be confident came from a very happy life. The proof is in the product!

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