About Us

The Farm is located on 150 acres of land in Mecklenburg County. It is family owned and operated. The farm is listed on the National and State Historic Registries. It was previously used as a dairy farm, and has now been turned into an educational farm.

The Hodges House, built about 1908, is the centerpiece of a large complex of agricultural buildings and structures, including four contributing buildings, five contributing structures, seven noncontributing buildings and three noncontributing structures.

Among the contributing resources is the farmland. This land includes about 120 acres of pasture, bordered by woods, to the east and south of the farmyard. Cropland stands to the west, southwest, and north, across the road, and constitutes about 65 acres. This surrounding farmland has survived in unusually pristine condition.

farmIt is said that several tenant dwellings once stood north across the road from the Hodges House, and that a frame smokehouse originally stood behind the residence, beside the wellhouse. No evidence of these buildings survives above ground, and no archaeological study has been undertaken.

The approximately 187-acre tract of farmland comprising the Hodges Farm continues to display the appearance, and some of the uses, which characterized it during the period of significance.

Although cotton, dominant crop on the Hodges Farm in the early 20th century, is no longer raised, the landscape’s rolling terrain of cropland, pasture, and woods, reveals the essential character of the Piedmont farmsteads which once dominated Mecklenburg County.

The land remains part of a large working farm where crops and livestock are raised on its soil. The farmyard, the centerpiece of the tract, is shaded by mature oaks. Although this farm is situated in one of the more agrarian parts of the county, new residential developments now mark the former farmland to the northeast, physical reminders of the fragility of this rural landscape.

Our Family & Staff

Meet Connor Newman, Farm Operations Manager


– Grandson of Hodges Farm matriarch, Olivia
– Nephew of beloved (and departed) Frankie Hodges
– Son of Joyce Hodges Newman
Frankie brought Connor on board to learn all about the Farm during the busiest time of the year – the Pumpkin Patch (Fall 2014). Talk about Baptism by fire! Connor quickly jumped right in and was able to help immediately due to his vast experience. Connor has over 10 years experience working at Historic Latta Plantation where he gained knowledge in folk art, farm life, woodworking, primitive skills, folk lore, and the list goes on and on. Having basically grown up at the Farm, Connor is the ideal family member to oversee all of the farm’s operations.


Meet Kim Hodges Schoch, Assistant Farm Manager

– Granddaughter of Hodges Farm matriarch, Olivia
– Niece of beloved (and departed) Frankie Hodges
– Daughter of Charlie Hodges
Kim is the youngest daughter of Charlie Hodges and is the first cousin of farm manager, Connor Newman. She graduated from NC State in 2014 with a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Agricultural Business. She has over 10 years of experience working with, and riding, horses including a year of experience working in Australia with thoroughbred race horses. After her experience abroad, she came home to help Connor run the family business. Kim focuses on animal care but also helps with tractor work, renovating the old buildings, and coordinating school programs. Feel free to give her a call to ask questions about the farm or schedule a school trip! 704-608-8897.


Meet Katie Caffray, Scheduling and Events Coordinator

– Welcomed to the Hodges Family in 2014
– Hails from Drums, PA
– Animal Control Officer
Katie met Frank Hodges in the Fall of 2014 and begged to volunteer at the Pumpkin Patch; as she was missing the farm-life back home. Not long after, she became part of the family. She comes from a home with a small hobby farm, and a strong animal welfare background. Katie also enjoys event planning, word working, and learning new skills. We hope to increase community engagement with bringing Katie onto our staff. If you are interested in booking a photography session or volunteering on the farm, please contact Katie! Caffrayonthefarm@gmail.com

Our Animals

Hodges Farm is an open farm environment where you can get to know our animals.  Horses, cats, goats and guinea hens – you name it! When the sun is high, they may join you under the shade of a tree, or in the winter come next to you near the fire pit. Please watch for pics of our animals – we want you to get to know who makes the Farm their home!


For your safety and comfort, please leave your pets at home.