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Regenerative Agriculture

  • At Hodges Family Farm, we choose to produce raise our crops and animals using what many call the “regenerative approach”.

Pesticide- and Herbicide-Free

  • We do not spray pesticides and we work with ecological principles and high biodiversity to produce safe and nutrient-dense food.

Build Healthy Soil, Grow Healthy Food, Regenerate the Earth

  • Our philosophy is based on soil health and we think of our farm as a natural system, checking our decisions against the health of the whole.

You know your Family Doctor, Let us be your Family Farmer!

  • When you choose to support Hodges Family Farm, you are supporting the local economy, supporting a healthy ecosystem, and we welcome you to our growing farm community. 

Ask us your Questions!

  • Our staff believes in customer service and a policy of full-transparency and would be happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have. Please reach out to us by email at