Pastured Pork

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “as happy as a pig in mud”, then you’ll understand us giving our pigs – or “hogs”, which just describes a mature pig – plenty of access to wallows for cooling down in the warm months. Without sweat glands over most of their bodies, hogs actually need the cooling effect of the mud to stay healthy. This common phrase does not, however, capture the feeling of watching hogs run in open pastures.

Yes, our hogs run. Mud is not the only requirement for a healthy porcine environment and actually represents only a small fraction of the conditions in the areas occupied by our hogs. All animals select their food for the highest energy and best flavor and our hogs gleefully amble around our woodlines, pastures, and marginal areas, often breaking into a sprint to be the first to fresh acorns, radishes, grubs, and grass. As we observe the conditions in our pastures, we serve as foraging sommeliers for our passel (farmer lingo for a group of hogs), scouting for quality and leading them to the next best spot.

To round out the diet of our pigs, we supplement with locally sourced, non-GMO feed to make sure each stays happy and healthy. While pork is known as “the other white meat”, you’ll notice that our pork more closely resembles a steak than chicken, a sign that our animals receive plenty of exercise.

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