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Our Farm Shop is online! We promise to provide local communities with fresh produce, pastured meats (pork, chicken, beef), fresh eggs, local honey, wildflowers, crafts, and more – using safety protocols to keep you safe and healthy! Visit our online store today.

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Welcome to Hodges Family Farm!
We are proud of our history and excited to say that our Farm is the longest-running farm in Charlotte! At Hodges Family Farm, we put great emphasis on FAMILY: our family, your family, and the greater family of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Agritourism is our main focus: educating children, families, and the general public about farming and farm animals. For over 100 years, Hodges Family Farm has been serving Mecklenburg County and its surrounding counties and we are looking forward to serving the area for many years to come.

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Visit our online Farm Shop for pastured meats, eggs, fresh produce, and more!
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