Photography and Special Events

Photo Shoots

Click here to find out more about Photography Sessions at the Hodges Family farm!

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We welcome local photographers at the Farm. Our barns, animals, and fields make for the perfect backdrop! But, please remember, this is a working farm and we would love to know to expect you. We offer various photography options, please click here for more info and also complete our liability form.




Special Events at The 1932 Barn

1935 black logo

If you are looking to have your wedding, sorority event, or anniversary party in a beautifully refurbished barn our
1932 Barn is the perfect venue for you! For more information please visit The 1932 Barn website:

Educational Programs & Farm Tours

We are thrilled to offer tours of the farm and educational programs! Our tours will include explaining to the children what farming is all about, allowing them to see our farm animals,group of kids and learn the tools of our trade. Additional add-on programs are offered as well:
– Beekeeping
– A Reverence for Wood
– Horsing Around
– A Green Thumb.

LEARN MORE about our field trips and get more info HERE.





For your safety and comfort, please leave your pets at home.