Field Trips

Field Trips to the Farm!


Pumpkin Patch Field Trips

We are now completely booked for Fall, 2018 school tours. Thank you to our amazing community of educators! 

We offer a 5 rotation tour that includes information about:

  • What a farm is and what farmers do as community helpers
  • How a pumpkin grows (Plant life cycles)
  • An interactive discussion about pollinators and pests of pumpkins
  • A tour of the animals. (Animal life cycles, mammals, birds, species, and natural resources)
  • A hay ride so students may view plants in the field and animals in the pasture
  • The students will also get to pick their own pumpkin from the field to bring home (included in cost of a ticket)

Click here to be redirected to our Pumpkin Patch Educational Tour Information and to read about what we offer!

Student Ticket: $10 ♦ Teacher Ticket: Free ♦ Chaperone Ticket: $10

Please remember to evaluate your trip after you have attended to help us continue to grow and improve for future trips. Evaluation Form