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Welcome to Hodges Family Farm!
We are proud of our history and excited to say that our Farm is the oldest running farm in Charlotte! At Hodges Family Farm, we put great emphasis on FAMILY: our family, your family, and the greater family of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Agritourism is our main focus: educating children, families, and the general public about farming and farm animals. For over 100 years, Hodges Family Farm has been serving Mecklenburg County and its surrounding counties and we are looking forward to serving the area for many years to come.

Farm News


It’s coming…. are you prepared?
The BattleFrog 8k Obstacle Race is coming to the Farm on Saturday, April 23
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School Programs for Spring and Fall 2016 – We are thrilled to offer your group a special tour of the Farm in which your group will learn all about farming, our animals, and the the tools we use. We also offer optional add on programs such as: Beekeeping, A Reverence for Wood, Horsing Around, and A Green Thumb. Read about what our programs entail HERE. Teachers, if you are interested in a detailed outline of our program offerings, you can see that outline HERE.

Educating the local youth about farming and our way of life is very important to our family. Please donate to our outreach program(s).

We have BUNNIES! January brought little bundles of joy to the farm. Harriet and Martha, our rabbit sisters, are proud new mothers to the most adorable little bunnies. Three different litters have been born over the last month and we have them up for adoption! Call us if you are interested in adopting and we can set up a bunny play-date! LEARN MORE
This will help you take care of your new pet: BUNNY CARE GUIDE

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What We Offer at The Farm



For your safety and comfort, please leave your pets at home.

Pumpkins & Christmas Trees! What successful seasons we had… THANK YOU!

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